Tsa Tsas

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In response to requests for contemporary Buddha images that are iconographically accurate, Kechara Discovery has taken advantage of the technology available today.

We have created highly durable tsa tsas made from resin, plaster, hydrostone and even pewter. Many of our tsa tsas are the first of their kind anywhere in the world – they feature traditional iconography, yet are unique for their contemporary styles that suit a diverse range of modern lifestyles and tastes.

Customers can select from our antique collection, or have their tsa tsas colourfully painted. With the various finishings, a tsa tsa from Kechara Discovery is suitable for any theme of home décor. Browse through our stunning range of tsa tsas here:

Tsa tsas are a form of Tibetan Buddhist sculpture made from a metal mould containing the hollowed, reversed image of a deity, stupa or other sacred symbol. Tsa tsas can be placed on our altars, shrines, or cars; inside stupas and prayer wheel niches; and at holy sites such as meditation caves, mountains and lakes.

Smaller tsa tsas can be put inside a ghau (portable shrine) and used as an amulet by those travelling. Regardless of their size, tsa tsas represent the Buddhas' body and grant blessings and protection wherever they are placed. In Tibet, tsa tsas are traditionally made with clay and left to harden. These days however, such sculptures may not be so appropriate for the home.

The making of 100,000 tsa tsas is one of the preliminary practices that Buddhist practitioners should complete during their lifetime. This practice is said to clear obstacles and purify negative karma. Tsa tsas can be placed inside stupas or large statues; when practitioners circumambulate or make offerings to these holy objects, they would not be just making offerings to one statue, but to the many images within the statue. In the same way, tsa tsas can be mounted on a wall, and practitioners can likewise make offerings or prostrations to the tsa tsa wall. Each prostration would then be equivalent to prostrating to every Buddha image on that wall.

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