Down Under Visits

15 April 2010 - 1:34am Comments Off

As Kechara expands, we welcome new friends and reconnect with old ones. This past week, Tsem Ladrang were happy to welcome Jacqueline and her daughters who were visiting from Australia. Invited by Liaison Chuah Su Ming, the lovely ladies were taken on a tour which, as animal lovers, included a visit to the Ladrang aviary. They also asked if they could make a khata offering for their dog back home in Australia, so that he may gain a blessing as well!

Jacqueline (far right) with her daughters, in front of the Ladrang's tortoise enclosure

Jacqueline originally connected with Kechara around two years ago, prior to her migration Down Under. She said that it was the love from the organisation that made her come back again. In particular, she had been touched by the care shown by Liaisons Ngeow Voon Chin and Ooi Beng Kooi whose actions convinced her, as someone who does not really know the Dharma, to stay in Dharma. Jacqueline ended her visit saying that she hoped her daughters would come back one day to get involved in the centre.

Jacqueline reconnects with Beng Kooi, who is one of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche's personal assistants and heads the Ladrang's e-Division

The Dharma, it is a mother’s greatest gift to her children. If you have been given the chance to get involved with Kechara, why not grab it? With the Kechara World Peace Centre project commencing you, you don’t want to be left behind… do you?

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