KSK has a sign

15 August 2010 - 5:26pm 1 Comment

Tada! Here are the latest photos of the Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK) signboard going up at our new building! Isn’t it beautiful? Despite some initial minor hiccups, the four workers made light work of the installation. Now everyone on Jalan Barat (just off Jalan Imbi!) will know exactly what this building is for, and our homeless clients will be able to find us easily!

With our new building and our ongoing regular activities, KSK’s financial resources are being stretched tight…we need all the help we can get, whether it’s with job offers, our wish list, or with donations of money, food or your time! Employment opportunities are also welcome, as most of our clients are willing and able to work…they just need YOU to give them a chance. For further information on how you can join us in the fight against homelessness, contact our Project Director Chua Siong Woan at siongwoan.chua@kechara.com or +6010 333 3260.

Workers install the frame that will carry our signboard

After some last-minute adjustments...

...the signboard is strapped to be hoisted

Up, up and away!

Our signboard is adjusted into place

Et voila! Lit up at night, it will be a sign telling our homeless clients that help is available to them!

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  1. I am really excited to see Soup Kitchen has its own building, and is ready to serve the homeless by providing the facilities to them in KL!!