A Wealth of Retreats

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Whatever state we are in today is a direct result of what we have done in the past. Bleak? Not really. The Buddhas taught that we do not have to accept our lot as fate.

Happily, we CAN make changes and control our own situation, and one such method to do this is by purifying our karma through pujas. It is not as though the Buddhas need our offerings and prayers – after all, they are enlightened and no longer bound to karma. However, making offerings helps us to cut the attachment that created our suffering to begin with. Our supplications also create merit to support our practice, to get us out of our suffering.

In a recent teaching, His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche (spiritual guide of Kechara House) advised members to embark on Dzambala and Setrap retreats. The duo present a formidable alliance when it comes to dispelling the obstacles (inner, outer and secret!) to our practice; as the Buddha of Wealth (Dzambala), and the Dharma Protector of Gaden (Setrap), they provide the resources for us to practice.

This is your invitation to join us to learn these ancient practices taught by Buddha 2,500 years ago. We will be starting with the Dzambala retreat first, with Setrap’s retreat to begin after Dzambala’s is finished. Rinpoche has also kindly agreed to offer refuge during the retreats, so don’t miss your chance to make a many-lifetimes connection with this lama!

Retreat Schedule

18 April 2010 @ Kechara House 1 11:30AM Refuge briefing class for those who wish to take refuge with H.E. Tsem Rinpoche on 23rd April 2010, and for those who wish to renew their refuge vows

Talk on the practice and iconography of Lord Dzambala. All retreat participants are advised to attend as this will aid you in the retreat

23 April 2010 @ Kechara House 1 7:30PM Arrival and registration
7:45PM Arrival of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche
8PM Oral transmission and refuge-giving by Rinpoche
9PM 1st retreat session begins
24 April 2010 @ Kechara House 1 2nd retreat session

All retreat sessions thereafter will be conducted at Kechara House 1 every Wednesday and Thursday until the required number of mantra recitations and water offerings is complete.


  1. May wealth, sponsors and people of different expertise come forth to help in the project of Kechara World Peace Centre (KWPC)
  2. May all obstacles be cleared
  3. May there be HUGE STATUES of Vajrayogini, Lama Tsongkhapa and Dzambala at KWPC for the benefit of all.

Retreat Objectives

  1. Engage in collectively reciting 500,000 Dzambala mantras
  2. Accumulate 100,000 water offerings to Dzambala
  3. Minimum 54,000 prostrations

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us, and actively contribute to KWPC… YOUR retreat centre! Not all of us will have the architectural, engineering and designing know-how to build the physical KWPC, but all of us DO have the Dharma knowledge to help clear obstacles… so let’s make use of it!

For further information on how to participate in these retreats, please contact Kechara House at +603 7803 3908 (or house@kechara.com), Phng Wee Liang at +6012 238 3222 (or wlphng@gmail.com) or Tan Gim Lee at +6017 620 6193 (or gimleetan@gmail.com).

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