Becky Moves In!

4 April 2010 - 8:56am Comments Off

No sooner had we announced Becky Yap’s decision to join Dharma full-time than we are back announcing her move into Jamyang House, one of Kechara’s six dharma houses. With the help of some dharma brothers and sisters, Becky set up her room and her wonderfully simple altar.

As His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche wrote on his blog, “Many people think you can’t work in the dharma and have a full time career. But we in Kechara House’s 12 departments already have over 95 full time dharma staff and that is not including volunteers. We are setting a new trend that YOU CAN HAVE A CAREER IN THE DHARMA. And there is nothing wrong and you have made the right choice!

Becky now is part of our GROWING KECHARA FAMILY. She is now a KECHARIAN!

Once again, congratulations Becky! May you have a long career benefiting others through art!

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