Kechara Earth Project

4 September 2010 - 8:40am 1 Comment

Recycling bins in Kechara House 2

Recently named the Kechara Earth Project, our recycling initiative has progressed towards reaching out to the Kechara departments where the project team have begun encouraging staff to recycle…check out our progress!

Recycling bins in Kechara House 1, with some useful recycling guidelines

Turning Kechara green!

Since time beganKechara Media & Publications have always recycled
5 July 2010Tsem Ladrang e-Division – three recycling bins were placed in the premises
28 July 2010Kechara House 1 and 2 – three recycling bins were installed at each location
26 August 2010Tsem Ladrang – three large wheelie bins have been dedicated to recycling
2 September 2010Kechara Care – one recycling bin has been installed
TBCKechara Paradise SS2 – one recycling bin to be place
TBCKechara Oasis – sorting out process to be determined

Alongside such encouragement, we have also started to educate Kechara members and friends about the need to protect our environment. Watch out for our articles on recycling which will appear every now and then.

It will soon be that time of the month again, when Kechara environmental enthusiasts gather on a field by Kechara House 1, ready to receive recyclables from Kechara members, friends and the general public.

Future dates for recycling

VENUE SunwayMas playground, next to Kechara House 1
DATE 10 October 2010
TIME 9am to 12pm

And then:

  • 14 November 2010
  • 12 December 2010

Will there be such a picture-perfect scene for our future generations to enjoy?

When we recycle, we directly protect the environment. Don’t we want to preserve our environments so they are as pristine as those pictures on the postcards, for us and future generations to enjoy? Speaking of future generations, let us lead by example. Educating our youth will also make them more conscientious, and treat things and their environment with more care. Let’s teach them to be responsible citizens!

If you wish to help do your part for the environment, join Kechara’s recycling programme. Held on the second Sunday of every month (except for August 2010), from 9am to 12pm, we can be found at the playground outside Kechara House 1 collecting any and all recyclables…newspapers, plastics, metals, even old clothes! For further information, please contact Wan Wai Meng at +6012 215 0968.

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