A dedication to those who have passed away

29 July 2010 - 8:59pm 3 Comments

Many of us approach the Lunar Seventh Month with fear and apprehension, because of its association with roaming spirits and spirit disturbances. Actually, there is nothing to fear if we only know how to apply methods and knowledge to keep ourselves blessed and protected.

This year, Kechara House Buddhist Association Malaysia shows us how we can not only bring strong protection to ourselves and our loved ones, but also dedicate our good merits to those deceased. In this way, we benefit both ourselves and the spirits we are often so afraid of.

Special 7th Month Pujas

Join Kechara this year in a four-day commemoration of those who have passed away. Participate in a series of pujas to the Dharma Protector Setrap, an enlightened Being that helps to clear our obstacles and bestow numerous blessings, protection and merit. Engaging in these pujas is known to bring swift results, and is a highly beneficial way for honouring the deceased and repaying the kindness of all our loved ones. The merits from the pujas will relieve their sufferings and expedite a swift and positive rebirth.

Making Offerings This Year

This year, Kechara House also offers you the chance to make many blessed offerings in dedication of your loved ones. You can offer lotus candles, incense or pearls. You’ll also be in the running for a lucky draw for every RM88 pack of pearls you offer. These including exciting prizes like Setrap pendants, Setrap pewter tsa tsas, tiger-eye malas, Tsongkhapa box sets and Setrap box sets.

Puja Schedule

English Setrap puja: Sat 21st & Mon 23rd August 2010
Chinese Setrap puja: Sun 22nd & Tues 24th August 2010

8 – 10 pm each session

Lucky Draw Sessions

Mon 23 August 2010 (English session)
Tues 24 August 2010 (Chinese session)


Kechara House 2
Lot 21-1, 23-1, Jalan PJU 1/3G,
Sunwaymas Commercial Centre,
47301 Petaling Jaya

The Origins of this Tradition

Although it appears to be a traditional, cultural celebration, the Chinese ghost festival has its roots in Buddhism. Most Chinese elders would often refer to a special story from the Ullambana Sutra that is popular for its filial message.

The Ullambana Sutra tells the story of Maudgalyayana, a chief disciple of the historical Buddha Shakyamuni who possessed clairvoyant powers. With his supernatural powers, Maudgalyayana was able to perceive where his deceased parents had taken rebirth and he saw that his mother had taken rebirth as a hungry ghost. Immediately, he tried to feed her but was unable to, by the force of her own karma that kept her “hungry”.

Maudgalyayana consulted the Buddha on this matter. The Buddha responded by giving an explanation about his mother’s karma and advised Maudgalyayana of what he could do to assist her to take a better rebirth. The Buddha established a day after the traditional summer retreat (the 14th day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar, usually mid to late August) on which Maudgalyayana was to make offerings to the Three Jewels via the Sangha. Through the merits created, Maudgalyayana could make dedications to his mother and she finally gained a human birth.

Due to Confucian and Taoist influence, the festivities became infused with ancestor worship and making offerings to wandering spirits of the netherworld. In Buddhist belief, the hungry ghost realm is actually a separate world and by making offerings to them, we open a portal to their world resulting in increased spirit activity.

However, the best way to benefit our ancestors, the dearly departed and wandering spirits would be to make numerous offerings to the Three Jewels (Buddha, Dharma and Sangha) on their behalf.  The merits we create can then be dedicated to them to relieve some of their suffering and hasten a better rebirth.

Join us!

Be a part of creating a huge wave of blessings and merit that will benefit not just the spirits that have “emerged” this month, but also yourself, your family and loved ones. Invite strong protection for yourself, generate great blessings for the spirits and experience a powerful, safe and protected seventh month.

To make your dedications and offerings towards this puja, kindly contact the Kechara House Administrator at +603 7803 3908.

3 Responses to A dedication to those who have passed away

  1. “The Buddha established a day after the traditional summer retreat (the 14th day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar, usually mid to late August) on which Maudgalyayana was to make offerings to the Three Jewels via the Sangha”
    Pls refer to the Sutra text link here: http://cttbusa.org/ullambana/ullambana.asp
    “The Buddha told Maudgalyayana,
    “The fifteenth day of the seventh month is the Pravarana Day for the assembled Sangha of the ten directions….”

  2. Erick Sherab Zangpo

    I just found out that a friend and classmate of mine at Dzongsar Shedra passed away from TB. His name was Sangye, he was a 25 year old Tibetan monk from Sikkim, with a Khampa background. He was an extremely funny and entertaining guy, especially at debates. He was also a very unique person and had a kind heart, and was very open to me. This is very shocking and sad for me. Please include him in your prayers.

  3. I am doing research for my university paper, thanks for your great points, now I am acting on a sudden impulse.

    - Laura