Dragon Meets Dragon

2 March 2010 - 9:59pm Comments Off

If anyone should interview Kechara’s resident Dragon, Datuk May Phng, there is no television channel more appropriately named than Dragon TV!

It was all lights, camera, action! when the crew from Shanghai TV’s international channel came to interview Datuk about her Chinese roots. Speaking to Mr Song, Datuk talked about her family history and background, as well as the Chinese cultural traditions and morals that she received from her parents and in-laws, which she has passed down to her children. Datuk mentioned that although her outward appearance may be very Western, she’s still very Chinese inside.

Datuk spoke about the emphasis she places on helping the younger generation to succeed in their lives. She now does this through the Dharma. Datuk May shared that having found a Guru who speaks her language, her work now involves spreading the Dharma to as many people as possible. Although Dharma may be difficult to practise, the ever-persistent and determined Datuk May said that it can be done.

The filming wrapped up with a presentation of Chinese-language If Not Now, When? books and Who’s Who folders to the crew, who included the camera man, the director and their Malaysian tour guide.

Keep your eye out for this documentary! It is being broadcast in Autumn 2010 on Dragon TV, as well as Shanghai TV’s regional documentary channel! That’s right – our Datuk May Phng, a Tsem Ladrang Liaison and Kechara House President, is going to be all over China!

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