Keep Calm and Train Your Dog: Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Friday, 22/7/2016 - 1:00am

Is your dog chewing, nipping, jumping, peeing everywhere and barking unnecessarily? Are you new to handling your furry friend? Like [...]

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Fishy Freedom

Monday, 30/9/2013 - 12:00am

Love animals? Want to see them free? Better yet, want to SET them free? Make your way down to Kepong [...]

Tra-Lah-Lah down to Kechara Care!

Saturday, 19/3/2011 - 4:26am

This New Year, Lah Lah Land is joining forces with Kechara Care to make a difference…

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Fish feeding frenzy

Thursday, 2/9/2010 - 6:58am

Join us on the third Sunday of every month when we feed our animals. This is the time when we [...]

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