Success Stories

Puppy Diaries

Friday, 23/7/2010 - 4:46pm

Some time last week, at around mid-day, I left my house to go and grab some lunch. As I was walking out of my gate, I noticed some movement under my car…

Bean saving kittens?

Tuesday, 13/7/2010 - 5:14pm

It’s been a while since we’ve brought you animal rescue news but here’s a story to make you smile…we might [...]

Bette and Davis are Rescued!

Tuesday, 1/6/2010 - 10:57am

Originally posted on His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche’s blog, the article below tells the story of Bette and Davis, who [...]

Patches Moves

Friday, 21/5/2010 - 10:49am

After a few weeks under the care of Adelyn Lim, his rescuer and owner of the Boathouse Restaurant, Patches has [...]

Loving Lester

Thursday, 13/5/2010 - 12:32pm

Lester, who was burnt by hot oil thrown on to him, has finally left the vet after two months. He [...]

Patching Up Patches

Wednesday, 28/4/2010 - 11:03am

Upon receiving the email below from Adelyn Lim, one of Rinpoche’s students, it was a matter of seconds before word [...]

Tweeting Happiness

Tuesday, 13/4/2010 - 5:45pm

Who could walk away without taking home this adorable thing with its sad eyes?…


Needing a good home

New home for Nicola?

Friday, 7/1/2011 - 3:58pm

The little puppy who was rescued in mid-December is now doing well, and is ready to be adopted into a [...]

A happy Christmas for Nicola

Thursday, 23/12/2010 - 8:05pm

On 18 December 2010, Nicola was found wandering on her own with fleas, ticks and bugs crawling all over her…

If one’s a crowd…what’s 18?

Friday, 19/11/2010 - 3:54am

Got space in your home and heart for these lovely little babies? These are just eight of the 18 pups [...]

Oh no, look what the cat brought in…

Monday, 18/1/2010 - 5:27am

No, that does not refer to a mangled dead carcass, or your mother-in-law. It’s her litter of three cute little [...]