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Sunday Distribution in Petaling Jaya

Friday, 23/9/2016 - 1:25am

Look at how time flies! It has almost been a decade since we started serving the community in this area [...]

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A message from Tris Dass

Tuesday, 4/3/2014 - 4:24am

A lady by the name of Tris Dass recently commended Kechara Soup Kitchen’s swift action, efficiency and sincerity in solving [...]

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Leonard Chia

Friday, 15/4/2011 - 5:20pm

After reading about the story of Krishnan in our Guru’s blog, it has really inspired us to keep on rolling [...]

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Thursday, 13/1/2011 - 2:37am

With so many wonderful opinions about Kechara Soup Kitchen, KHIND felt they had to do something a little special…

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Lioness Luxmi K E

Thursday, 13/1/2011 - 2:07am

Saturday was a fulfilling and heart-contentment day for all Lionesses who came to help out at Kechara Soup Kitchen. You [...]

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Ilene Khoo

Thursday, 13/1/2011 - 2:00am

Just wanted you to know that I enjoyed myself very much last night. It’s a new experience for me – [...]

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His Excellency Bong Ryull Yang

Thursday, 9/9/2010 - 4:01am

Such are the accomplishments of our President Ruby Khong in helping the homeless that His Excellency Bong Ryull Yang thought [...]

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Grace Leong

Saturday, 14/8/2010 - 3:26pm

It’s heart-warming to know Elumulai is safe now and her son can maybe concentrate on moving on in his own [...]

BFM Radio brings people to Kechara

Wednesday, 21/7/2010 - 6:34am

I am very impressed with what you all are doing, so I decided to contribute in a small way towards [...]

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Touched by the KSK video

Thursday, 24/6/2010 - 5:21am

A lady called KSK Project Director, Justin Cheah, saying that she was so touched and cried when she saw the [...]