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Journey to Gaden…in 2005!

Thursday, 28/1/2010 - 7:28am

In 2005, 15 of His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche’s students visited Gaden Monastery on one of Kechara’s first pilgrimages. Khong Jean Ai wrote an account of the trip that was recently rediscovered; Rinpoche has asked for it to be shared here with everyone

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Gaden Trip

Wednesday, 13/5/2009 - 12:36am

In early November 2006, four members of Kechara House including two liaisons Jenny Wong and Paul Yap, and members Lim [...]

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Short Impressions of Kathmandu

Sunday, 10/5/2009 - 8:52am

As a friend of Ngeow and Yoke Fui, Roland had already been introduced to the Dharma but this was the [...]

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Replacing an Empty Mind with an Open Mind

Sunday, 10/5/2009 - 8:51am

Cheri first joined Kechara House when she began working with the retreat centre department.

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Overcoming Obstacles

Sunday, 10/5/2009 - 8:49am

Mee Cheng is a long-time student of Rinpoche and a great supporter of many Dharma activities and projects within Kechara [...]

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“Meeting” The Universal Queen

Sunday, 10/5/2009 - 8:47am

Joan is quite new to Kechara House but has jumped straight into working with Kechara Media and Publications.

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A Journey to the Heart of Vajrayogini

Sunday, 10/5/2009 - 8:42am

Madam Lim is one of our most beloved KH committee members who is very involved in many of the centre’s [...]

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A Glimpse into Nepal’s Deep Holiness

Sunday, 10/5/2009 - 3:05am

Connie is a very, very new friend of Kechara House. In fact, this was her first encounter with Kechara House [...]

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A Different Sort of Tour

Sunday, 10/5/2009 - 3:03am

As a prominent businesswoman in Kuala Lumpur, Miss Lim is exceptionally busy with many ongoing projects. However, despite her busy [...]

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A Deeply Personal Experience

Sunday, 10/5/2009 - 3:01am

Lin and her husband Roland were very new to Kechara House when they came on the pilgrimage. As friends of [...]

IMPRESSIONS: Nepal Pilgrimage 2008

Saturday, 9/5/2009 - 11:08pm

Here, some of the Kathmandu pilgrims contribute their visual impressions of Nepal by selecting some of their favourite images taken [...]

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Thursday, 30/4/2009 - 8:31pm

Kechara House pilgrims share their Gaden experience and seeing Tsem Tulku Rinpoche at home…

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