Listen to Your Guru

Listen to your Guru. That is because your Guru is like your God Daddy. He actually takes care of you [...]

Be Patient

If you come across people like that, let them win, let them go, let them grab first. You don’t have [...]

Respect Your Parents

Without your parents, would you be here at all? It is because of the sacrifice of your parents and the [...]

Be Kind to Animals

Always cause no harm to any living being. That does not only mean don’t kill them and don’t eat them. [...]

Be Vegetarian

Just like killing, eating meat is quite the same as killing animals. Even if you were not the one who [...]

Don’t Lie

Some of us are lucky to have seen snow when on a holiday overseas and have had fun making snow [...]

Don’t Steal

It is break time and you run to the school canteen and order your favourite noodle. You only have twenty [...]

Don’t Kill

Killing is wrong because nobody has the right to take someone else’s life. Extend that to animals, even ants and [...]

Donating and Helping Others

Most people like to receive things. It’s nice to receive lots of presents during Christmas or your birthday. But when [...]