“Meeting” The Universal Queen

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Joan is quite new to Kechara House but has jumped straight into working with Kechara Media and Publications. With a deep love of books and her own successful publishing company, Joan has, in her short time with KH, already brought much passion and energy into KMP and Kechara House projects to bring Rinpoche’s teachings to the world.

Somewhere in the Kathmandu Valley, thanks to our most compassionate and kind Rinpoche, I had the good fortune to “meet” the Universal Queen;

Somewhere in the Kathmandu Valley, thanks to our unique and patient Rinpoche, I was able to be inspired and energised by the magnificence of the many forms and aspects of the Queen of Queens; and

Somewhere in the Kathmandu Valley, thanks to our tireless and generous Rinpoche, I was given the precious opportunity to receive the teachings by Rinpoche on this Queen of the Sky and the Earth, this most fearless and powerful of all female Buddhas, this most marvelous emanation of all the Buddha’s 84,000 teachings : the Dakini Yidam VAJRAYOGINI.

And, so for me personally, among the many holy places which Rinpoche took us to, it was really those secret temples where the images of Vajrayogini, our Universal Queen “resides” that remain the most compelling aspects of this wonderful pilgrimage and which I would like to write about here.

Where did we go to meet our Universal Queen?

i) Pharping – at the Vajrayogini shrine : Second Day

We drove for about two hours southwest of Kathmandu to Pharping where there is a small cave site of the Self-Arising Tara and Ganesha. Nearby is an amazing Vajrayogini chapel. This aspect of Vajrayogini is the one where she has one leg up and the other down on earth. This shrine is very near the cave where Padmasambava, also known as Guru Rinpoche meditated for many, many years before he brought Buddhism to Tibet. Thanks to Rinpoche and Ven Jamyang, we were all able to go inside the shrine to see this very holy and inspirational Vajrayogini. I was moved to tears. Little did I know that this was but the beginning – my heart simply burst each time I was in the presence of the heavenly Queen!

ii) Patan

We drove onwards from Pharping to Patan where, in the old heritage town of Patan, at the terracotta Mahabouddha Stupa (which is the exact replica of the Stupa in Bodhgaya), upstairs in its secret temple recess, we were ushered into the presence of Vajrayogini in her aspect of flying: the flying or sky dancer. I was filled with wonder and humility.

iii) Sangkhu

It was already dark when we drove (through potholes and bumps) from Patan to Sangkhu, a small village. We climbed, huffing and puffing away up very 480 steep stone steps carved into the mountain, with our flashlights lighting our way, past monks walking up and down the stairs, to an ancient monastery complex. The area also included meditation caves, notably those of Naropa, Tilopa and the Phamtingpa Brothers.

Most importantly, under the beautiful Newari-style roof of one of the buildings was housed another sacred and secret Vajrayogini temple! My cup truly runneth over!! Here, amidst the quiet of the night, with the glow of the butter lamps and the only sound being the thumping of my eager heart, I was led to the presence of Vajrayogini in the form of a female Mahasiddha. This was not a typical Vajrayogini statue because inside the statue were the bones and ashes of this highly-attained Nepali lady who became one with Vajrayogini from her years of meditation and practice.

iv) Swayambunath – Vijashwari Mandir : Third day

On our way to Swayambunath Stupa, we visited the Vijaswari Temple where four wonderful forms of Vajrayogini reside inside a little chapel. There, we received three very potent auspicious signs:

a) It rained just as we were leaving the hotel
b) As Rinpoche was delivering his teaching at the Manjushri holy site, a huge rainbow appeared and
c) When Rinpoche finished, there was a short burst of thunderclap.

We gathered at the courtyard of the Vijashwari Temple before going inside to pay our respects to Vajrayogini , and there Rinpoche made some important announcements . As one of these announcements included my future role with Kechara Media and Publications, it was most precious and meaningful that Rinpoche chose to do so in the immediate presence of this incredible and fearless Lady! I was energised and prayed hard – very hard that I will have the help of Vajrayogini – to continue always with my practices, to transform my mind and to work hard to spend the rest of my life with compassion for all sentient beings. I was filled with determination and contentment. I would be strong and unwavering to help others and to not let my Guru and KMP down!

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