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Jeffry, Malaysia

I will say your guru & all working committees did a good job to bring us to Gaden. Someone will find it a holy trip & full of praise from the devotee and followers. I am just an observer that follows the crowd. Learning the grandeur of the Monastery and enjoying all lamas doing Puja together with the small monks.Generally I find it satisfactory journey.

I must congratulate your guru that after leaving away from the Monastery & building up Kechara House in Malaysia for several years his heart and love was so strong towards Gaden. He was love & bless by everyone in Gaden that make him the hero of all the monks. The more responsibility for Rinpoche is to build a medical clinic to house the lamas & everyone leaving there. I am totally agreed this activity that will continue benefit their living. Next, he tries to extend lachi to cater for a bigger space to enable the monks to do their praying. I am sure this will receive favourable response from us.

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