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Florence, Malaysia

My name is Florence Chuah . I joined the pilgrimage to Bodhgaya two years ago with Tsem Rinpoche but I missed the pilgrimage to Nepal few months later which I regretted very much. Therefore, when I heard that Rinpoche was going to make the grand offerings of Manjushri statues and monk robes to each and every one of the 3000 monks in Gaden monastery in India together with Kechara House members, I knew I had to go.

Being a student of Tsem Rinpoche for the past 5 years, I must say I am not really keen in prayers and ritual. But I like Dharma talks. The teachings by Rinpoche can help the whole world a lot.

When I was in Gaden monastery, I was deeply touched and moved by what I witnessed. The tremendous amount of our Rinpoche’s hard work and help to the monastery and the holy Sangha was indeed inspiring to the core. The respect, love and concern our Rinpoche shown to his Holy Gurus and all the high lamas really humbled me to tears. I found myself speechless most of the times but proud of our Rinpoche’s great efforts and compassion. At the same time, I am extremely proud and grateful for the immense benefits Rinpoche has done for the Malaysian too by setting the Gaden branch right here in KL, the Kechara House. The benefits of this House are limitless and I truly thank Rinpoche from the bottom of my heart.

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