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Uncle Eddy,Malaysia

A Journey To Walk Among Bodhisattvas With Tsem Rinpoche

My journey back to Gaden was sort of a Spiritual Reunion for me. It reminded me of many things I had forgotten over the years since my last visit here. Many nostalgic memories crossed my mind.

This wasn’t a journey laden with modern luxuries and comfort, but it was strewn with Spiritual gifts and treasures. But to reach Gaden we had to travel for hours by coach on hot, dusty, bumpy roads, in cramped conditions, and at my age it was total torture for my aching bones!

But all discomforts almost immediately faded away, as our vehicle approached, and the majestic silhouette of Gaden was seen. Reminded me of what Rinpoche always say, to be worthy to reach some where so holy, much of our physical karma needs to be purified through discomforts and pains. I understood now, as the Golden colours of Gaden was seen, I was very excited and happy that my heart literally skipped a beat. At that moment I felt deep gratitude to H E Tsem Rinpoche for giving me this opportunity and privilege to return to this Heaven on Earth again.

While there, it was wonderful to be able to able to witness and rejoice in Rinpoche’s massive offerings, I remembered how hard Rinpoche had to struggle over the last 10 – 15 years, to bring Dharma to the people of South East Asia . Rinpoche came to Malaysia on his first few trips with literally nothing but his suitcases and the robes on his back. And now…….he has the capabilities to make his monastery proud and his Gurus happy by making such massive offerings to the sangha. Even though his horizons has expanded so far, Rinpoche constantly remains devoted and humble by mentioning to us that ALL that is has and is now, is FULLY due to the blessings of his Gurus and Dharma Protectors. For THEY are the reason all that is good in his life, manifests.

While in Gaden, Rinpoche looked like he had literally “Come Home”. He emitted a radiance that I can only describe as a Spiritual Elegance. A paradox of divinity…..He is in human form and yet divine; humble yet majestic. Within me I felt a deep sense of spiritual security, that as long as I have my Rinpoche’s blessings, I will be totally safe from any negative rebirths.

Sadly though, the trip was only so short-lived, and I pray that soon I will be able to go back there again someday. Just being there, has given me a recharge of my Spiritual Batteries and to again walk among Bodhisattvas in a Heaven called Gaden. All this was only made possible by the most kind Tsem Rinpoche who is Tsongkapa’s Lamp of Guidance for one as unworthy as me.

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