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Kechara House pilgrims share their Gaden experience and seeing Tsem Rinpoche at home…

Amala, a Tibetan in Switzerland

I felt wonderfully happy at Gaden!

To see Tsem Rinpoche and all the monks is always a joy.

It was like a positive shock; something like this one can experience only once – to be with all the Sangha and Tulkus such as H.H. Kyabje Zong Rinpoche, who have been Teachers since many lifetimes.

The whole environment, the temples – how inspiring! If I have any money left, I will offer it to Gaden.

To see Rinpoche in robes has strengthened my faith in him even more. Rinpoche looks always great but in robes he looks even taller and they fit him so well!

All the monks I talked to were so happy and said Rinpoche truly has jang jub sempa – Bodhicitta – and that we are all fortunate to be near a Lama like him.

The offerings of robes and statues were so beautiful. I wish we could do the same again!

My practice has deepened and become stronger since I met Rinpoche.

I felt very very good during the whole trip,  I feel very grateful and hope strongly to see holy Gaden Monastery again.

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