A Journey to the Heart of Vajrayogini

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Madam Lim is one of our most beloved KH committee members who is very involved in many of the centre’s weekly pujas and activities. Always ready to participate, give her support for our events and lend a kind ear to anyone with a question, Madam Lim is truly like a dear aunt to all of us.

Journeying to the Heartland,
To the Heart of Holy Vajrayogini,
Journeying towards borderless compassion,
Kind Beings, past and present
Show the Way.

My Precious Lama

To My Kind and Precious Lama I bow down.

O Lama,
You with untiring love,
Consistently and selflessly gave
Of your borderless compassion
To one and all.

By this very same compassion
Do you point the Way
To the Heart of Holy Vajrayogini.

The most overwhelming impression I had about this beautiful pilgrimage to Nepal was of our Lama’s powerfully enveloping compassion and love for every one of us, a compassion without boundaries. He gave unstintingly of his selfless love according to the need of each one of us pilgrims.

In all his teachings throughout the pilgrimage, he consistently reminded us that our goal is to enter the mandala of the Buddha Vajrayogini, to attain ultimate bliss and Enlightenment; and the way for us to attain this is via selfless compassion, borderless compassion. True to his Bodhisattva nature of infinite compassion, he expressed this heartfelt wish: “May I never be separated from suffering”.

At the Boudhanath Stupa, at Swayambunath Stupa, at Manjushri’s Seat, at the Temple of the doors, at every temple and chapel of Holy Vajrayogini and Her Emanation, at the spot of the self-arising Tara and temple of 21 Taras, at the caves of Guru Rinpoche, Naropa and an aged meditator, he manifested this towering compassion. He personally prayed with each and every one of us, guiding each through the prayers and blessing. He also clearly elucidated the significance of each religious site, the accompanying statues and images and other holy items.

To reinforce the strong positive imprints of this pilgrimage, he presented mementos of this pilgrimage to a group of new people, gifts which he had personally selected to suit the particular inclination of each. In the last hours of our trip to Nepal, he gave his concluding teaching on loving and caring for our external enemies, a last testimony to the importance of compassion without boundaries. Even in Kathmandu, he never stopped pressing our buttons: teasing, mimicking and ‘caricaturing’ us on the one hand and reprimanding us on the other. O kind and beloved Lama, you make it hard for us not to love Dharma and to be truly compassionate!


Sitting in Naropa’s cave
In our Lama’s loving presence,
I felt that time of a thousand years before
Had fused with time in the present.
Naropa’s energy entwined with our Lama’s,
The energy of infinite compassion of two Masters
Arising from selfless Guru Devotion.
Enveloping all of us was the glorious radiant
Power of Holy Vajrayogini.

An Aged Meditator in a mountain cave on the way to Guru Rinpoche’s Cave.

O Holy Old Man,
Out of your great love and compassion,
In the spartan environment of your box-like cave,
You sit and meditate eternally for all.
Such a sense of calm and peaceful-abiding
Did you bestow on us pilgrims
As each came before you
For your prayer and blessing.

Guru Rinpoche

You filled us all with awe
At the power of your compassion,
Your wrathful compassion that brought
Demons and Negative Spirits to their knees.

That force still lingered and swirled around us
As we bow our heads in prayer to you.

Lady of Sangku

O Holy Lady of Sangku!
With resounding joy
And rapturous rejoicing,
We cleared the last step
Of this steep mountain path,
And made our way in reverence
To your sacred shrine.
There we beheld you
In all your glory and radiance.

O Holy Lady!
Great Female Mahasiddha!
You move us
By the tremendous force
Of your universal compassion,
That propelled you
To become one
With Holy Dakini Vajrayogini,
Through earnest meditation
And unrelenting Practice.

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