A Different Sort of Tour

10 May 2009 - 3:03am Comments Off

As a prominent businesswoman in Kuala Lumpur, Miss Lim is exceptionally busy with many ongoing projects. However, despite her busy schedule, she can always be found at Dharma teachings and late night pujas at the centre. As a strong supporter of Rinpoche’s work and Kechara House, Miss Lim somehow, very deftly, always manages to make the hours stretch and lend her precious time and support at many, many Dharma activities.

I had embarked on this pilgrimage not really knowing what to expect although I was told that I was very lucky to be chosen to go on this pilgrimage with our Guru From the briefing given by Rinpoche before our departure, I knew that it would be different from the normal sort of tour but I only realised how different it would be when we arrived in Kathmandu.

Being an ignoramus on the subject of holy places – on their historical as well as their spiritual significance – I really appreciated Rinpoche taking the time to brief and give us detailed explanations on each of the places we visited.

I began to connect the places with some of the names and places mentioned by Rinpoche on the few occasions that we attended Dharma talks.

To sum up, the pilgrimage to me has really been informative, insightful, humbling, sad, fun, occasionally infused with humour as well as a tinge of remorse and gratitude. It was informative and insightful as Rinpoche took the trouble to explain in detail the significance of each and every site that we visited.

It was humbling, to see the respect and reverence that Rinpoche commanded and to have the good fortune of being be personally led by such a high Lama who is compassionate enough to bring himself to our level.

His teachings and Dharma talks throughout the trip were infused with so much humour and yet, from him poking fun at us, I was in awe of his great powers of observation and his deep perception of our individual quirks and idiosyncrasies.

It was sad too, seeing so much poverty and yet I also marveled at the simplicity of the needs of the people. I felt remorse at my own inertia, the tendency to procrastinate and the unwillingness to commit to the Guru and the centre. I felt also gratitude to the liasions and supporting staff involved in organising the trip and especially to Rinpoche for allowing me to participate in this pilgrimage and for blessing us personally at the holy sites. All we had to do was to line up while His Eminence said prayers for us and blessed all 60 of us.

Everyone was so supportive of each other and my special thanks goes to Lili, who was my “tongkat” going up and down Sangkhu Monastery and Naropa’s cave.

Finally, I would like to say that I don’t really know if this pilgrimage has strengthened my spiritual practice and path but it has certainly deepened my reverence for His Eminence and I am now more willing (or should I say less fearful) about committing to the Dharma.

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