Vajrayogini: Secret Sacredness, Exposed!

19 December 2009 - 11:17pm Comments Off

From a spectacular collaboration between Kechara Media & Publications and Kechara Discovery comes a stunning collection of sacred Vajrayogini images shot in some of Nepal’s holiest temples. So secret are these temples that the spectacular visuals in this coffee table book cannot be found anywhere else in the world as photography in those temples is usually prohibited!

Conceptualised by Liaison Paul Yap and Apprentice Liaison David Lai, the book Vajrayogini and Other Sacred Power Places of Nepal was given a grand welcome at Tsem Ladrang on 15th December 2009.

During an audience with His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, involving the Liaisons, Heads of Departments, two Vajrayogini retreatants and friends, Rinpoche explained that Paul and David had faced many obstacles in writing and publishing the book. These obstacles continued right until the book was due to arrive and be introduced that very evening. This, Rinpoche explained, was an indication of how much benefit the book would bring to others.

Rinpoche also spoke about introducing Vajrayogini’s practice to Dharma students. Holding up thick commentaries, he said they were beautiful, wonderful books. However, the depth and breadth of information they contained was too complex for modern day practitioners. Hence, Paul and David’s book would be a different, gentle, gradual introduction of Vajrayogini’s holy practice into the homes and lives of many around the world.

Rinpoche then blessed the first order of books and presented a copy to everyone. He added that for everyone receiving the book, whether at that moment or the future, they were creating a connection with the Queen of the Dakinis. Thus those present that evening should hold the book sacred and dear, and think they were taking on the responsibility of spreading Vajrayogini’s image and practice.

The evening ended with an impromptu book signing by our two young stars of the night, with those present rejoicing for all of the hard work they had put into producing the book, and for all of the benefits they will bring to the lives of others.

Get your hands on this book now! You’ll find it at your nearest Kechara Paradise outlet and, and coming soon to the Kechara eShop. This beautiful book can also be found at your nearest MPH, Kinokuniya or Times Bookstores, and at KLIA and other airports.

She's finally here! Rinpoche reads an excerpt from the book, evoking memories of the 2008 pilgrimage to Nepal

Holding the book, Rinpoche explains the significance and incredible benefits of having a Vajrayogini coffee table book

Left: Rinpoche with Liaison Paul Yap Right: Rinpoche with Apprentice Liaison David Lai

Left: David's proud father, Uncle Lai, receives the first copy after the authors Right: Datuk May Phng receives the second copy

The Vajrayogini retreatants, Krystal Low and Ani-la, receive a copy each, a highly auspicious event as both are still in retreat

Men of art: Apprentice Liaison Bill Keith and Associate Liaison James Long (Head of Kechara Saraswati Arts) receive a copy each

Rinpoche with the CEO of Kechara Media & Publications Associate Liaison Phng Li Kim

Everyone dives into their books once they've received them

Rinpoche with Paul, David and Uncle Lai

Rinpoche has a final word with Uncle Lai before reciting the dedication prayers

Those signatures will be worth millions one day!

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