Tsok at Vijashwari Vajrayogini Temple

9 May 2009 - 11:04pm Comments Off

On Thurs Oct 23, which was a holy Tsok Day, H.E.Tsem Rinpoche and a few assistants went to the Holy Vijashwari Vajrayogini temple in Kathmandu, Nepal. Rinpoche performed Tsok offering at this holy temple, and made more than 100 buttterlamp offerings for various individuals and their families, as well as for all KH departments, Ladrang, TKL etc.

In an SMS that Rinpoche sent to all members and friends, he shared that he would be dedicating this special Tsok for:

  • All great Gurus to have long life
  • Tantrikas to gain attainments
  • All KH members, staff and volunteers to have spiritual and material growth
  • The manifestation of Tsem Kacho Ling and the largest Lama Tsongkhapa in the World
  • Happiness of sponsors
  • All those with degenerate samaya everywhere to purify, and hence be able to develop correct view
  • Our 11 KH departments continue to grow and that Dharma increases in our Malaysian region, as told by Protector.

Rinpoche also shared his wish with all of us that a Vajrayogini chapel and many, many Vajrayogini practitioners who engage in retreat may manifest in KL also. He would like for her holy practice to become very widespread in this country and region.

We started Tsok and offerings at 5pm and stayed until past 7pm. The temple guardian was very kind to let us continue past closing time. It was really wonderful to perform the Tsok and made offerings to Vajrayogini at her own holy chapel!

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