To Enlightenment and Beyond

10 May 2009 - 2:57am Comments Off

Nepal takes you by a dusty storm. The chaos, the dirt and the poverty is immense and overwhelming, but so too are the joyous faces you see everywhere and the pervasive spiritual air. 60 tired, bedraggled pilgrims from Malaysia landed in Kathmandu in the wee hours of the morning, checked into a Kathmandu hotel and set off on a spiritual adventure of a lifetime, with many blessings and Dharma teachings from H.E. Tsem Rinpoche.

Over the next five days, we would visit some of the most renowned pilgrimage sites of Nepal like the impressive, breathtaking Boudhanath stupa and the magical Swayambunath stupa. We would also have the incredible privilege to visit many small but incredibly holy little Vajrayogini and Tara chapels, found only off the beaten track.

At each place, Rinpoche led us through the aspirations and meditations we should generate and recited prayers with every one of us individually. All 60 of us had the chance to receive immense blessings and to have audience with some of Nepal’s oldest, most sacred images.

And always, Rinpoche reminded us that what we were doing back home – with Kechara House and with all Dharma projects in Malaysia – was to create precisely this same magical spiritual world. If it was possible in Nepal, it would be possible anywhere else in the world. After five days in the presence of the most energised places of Kathmandu, we couldn’t help but be inspired enough to want to bring it all back to the crazy city of KL. We’re back now, and we’re all starting new chapters to make Dharma not just a practice, but a way of life – just as it is for all those joyous faces of Kathmandu.

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