Rinpoche offers Tsok to holy Vajrayogini

9 May 2009 - 5:19am Comments Off

Last Saturday, a Tsok day, H.E. Tsem Rinpoche very kindly made prayers and offerings at the very holy Vijashwari Vajrayogini chapel in Kathmandu, Nepal, where four forms of Vajrayogini reside.

Though Rinpoche is physically far away from us in Nepal, he is always thinking about Kechara House and constantly making offerings on our behalf for the success of KH activities and growth of Dharma in this region.

Rinpoche, with his assistants in Nepal, performed Tsok prayers and offered more than 200 butterlamps and flowers for all Kechara House departments to grow tremendously, for our retreat centre to manifest quickly, and for all members, sponsors and friends to be connected to Dharma and mother Vajrayogini always.

Tsok at Vijaswari Vajrayogini temple

Lighting butterlamps

Offerings to Vajrayogini lineage protectors

Butterlamps offerings for the organisation

Rinpoche making prostrations to Vajrayogini

At the altar

Making prayers before leaving

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