Gaden Monastery, Mundgod

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The original Gaden Monastery from Tibet has been re-established in Karnataka, India by the Tibetan population in exile. The monastery is located in the Tibetan settlement near Mundgod, a six-hour drive from Goa on the South-west point of India. This settlement of Tibetan refugees is the largest of its kind in India and was first established in 1966, from land donated by the Indian government.

Gaden Monastery in South India

The Gaden Monastery Colleges Jangtse and Shartse have also been reestablished in India. They are named The Gaden Jangtse College and The Gaden Shartse Monastery. A large Tibetan monastery like Ganden is divided into ‘Khangtsen’ or houses, for example, Pukhang Khangtsen to which H.E. Tsem Rinpoche belongs.

The main prayer hall at Gaden Shartse Monastery

The beginning of Gaden Monastery in India was very difficult due to the dramatic climate differences from Tibet and severe heat. With trial and error, the monks learned to adjust to their new environment and were able to make a modest living by farming on the land provided by the state government of Karnataka.

Monks gather for a prayer session

Now, the monastery has established a credit bank for farms, an agricultural institute and a craft center. Modern technology and communication technology are being introduced while the curriculum of Gaden Monastery remains similar to the teachings of the pre-1959 Gaden Monastery.

For more information about tours to Gaden Monastery in India, please contact or call +603 7803 3546.

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