Religion isn’t useless

23 October 2010 - 3:26am Comments Off

Dear Rinpoche,

I’ve just read your article Dharma Teacher and may I say that although you have your concerns and despair about being a teacher, I’m glad you became a guru and I’m extremely happy that you teach the Dharma.

If I might be completely open and honest with you, there was a time not so long ago that I felt religion was useless. A system simply to cash in on peoples’ hopes and fears. Before finding you, my friends would genuinely have thought hell would freeze over before I followed any religion…even Buddhism.

However, on hearing you talk (the first video I stumbled across was Are You Divine?) I was immediately captivated by your words and I wanted to learn more about Buddhism and the Dharma.

After hearing more of your words, you showed me the importance of compassion, virtue, treating people with kindness, accepting myself and others for who I am and who they are and the importance of working to benefit others as much as possible.

Of course, I’m far from perfect, but you made me want to change my negativities. It is hard, it is difficult, but you taught me the importance of pushing past the excuses and to instead work on always pushing towards being a better person for myself and others. I wouldn’t have reached this point if it wasn’t for you.

You’re the reason I’ve changed so much and am continuing to try to change more for the better. You’re making me see the bigger picture and your teachings are helping me to try to help others in the same way, which is exactly why I’m writing the articles I’m writing at the moment – and it’s all because of you.

If you hadn’t become a teacher, myself and many many others would be without so many positive changes in our lives. The amount of people you’ve benefited is uncountable and no doubt you’ll benefit many more, Rinpoche.

I pray daily that your living, your teaching and your practices are without obstacles or hindrances. I pray that you will always find inner happiness, peace and joy and that you will always be blessed. I pray for these things because you are a wonderful person, an inspiration and an exceptional teacher who works so selflessly for others.

You are extremely precious to me and the thousands of others you reach. I feel incredibly honoured to have you as my teacher, I feel blessed to know you and I am continually humbled by the gifts, your time and the teachings with which you provide me.

Thank you for being a Dharma teacher. Thank you for sharing all you are and all you have learned with me and others. Our gratitude will never be enough in repayment, Rinpoche. For better or worse, I will always be devoted to you and it will always be my humble pleasure to call you my precious guru.

Thank you.

With folded hands,

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