We Have Guests!

7 October 2009 - 8:07pm 1 Comment

Over the last week or so, Kechara members may have seen two unfamiliar faces popping up at various places in our organisation.

A lighthearted moment: Kechara Care's Margaret Lee with Daniel and Tamara in Kechara Paradise SS2

Under the able guidance of Kechara Care’s Margaret Lee, Daniel Swales from the UK and Tamara Kalocsai of Australia have been given the grand tour of Kechara’s 12 departments, and introduced to all of the people who make our organisation tick.

Liaison JP Thong showing Daniel and Tamara the site of the new Ladrang

Such is the thoroughness of Margaret’s care, she has even taken them up to our retreat land, Tsem Kachö Ling, so that Daniel and Tamara can make a connection with the site of what will soon be this region’s foremost Buddhist institution.

So if you see Daniel and Tamara out and about, give them a warm Kechara welcome and be sure to say hi!

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