Touring Kechara in February

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The Kechara Mini Tour this month was led by Head of Kechara Care, Liaison Chuah Su Ming and James Long. Six newcomers attended the tour: Huck (a writer by profession), William Chua (family friend of Liaison Datuk May Phng), Choi Sim and her husband Mr Lam (Kechara Saraswati Arts volunteers), Henry Ho (Kechara Soup Kitchen volunteer for the past year) and Sam, who came to know about Kechara from the recent Grand Setrap & Dzambala Puja.

Newcomers visiting the Kechara Discovery (left) and Kechara Media & Publications (right) offices

The newcomers were given a short introduction of Kechara at Kechara House 2 before they were led to Kechara Discovery (KD) where they were greeted by Liaison of KD, Paul Yap. Paul explained the role of KD in commissioning iconographically accurate images under the guidance of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, Spiritual Guide of Kechara. Once the holy images are commissioned, they are reproduced at affordable prices so that more people can invite them into their homes for their spiritual practice. Paul explained that KD also organises pilgrimages to holy places which the Mini Tour attendees were most welcome to participate in the future.

From KD, the newcomers were led to Kechara Media & Publications where their CEO, Phng Li Kim, showed the group around the offices and explained what KMP does as the literary arm of Kechara.

The group visited Kechara Saraswati Arts (left) and Kechara Paradise SS2 (right)

Next stop was Kechara Saraswati Arts (KSA), the first Tibetan Arts studio in South East Asia. Su Ming explained how KSA began with just a few people and a small table at Kechara Paradise SS2, and has since grown into a full fledged department. Established by Rinpoche, KSA was set up so that local people could train in painting holy images, beading work, sewing clothes for deities, making thangkas and other artistic work. This way, practitioners would not have to depend on artists and craftsmen from Nepal, Tibet and India, which is both an expensive and time-consuming venture. Today, KSA plays a crucial role in supporting the Kechara Paradise (KP) outlets to provide timely finishing touches on holy images as requested by KP’s customers.

Making offerings to Rinpoche's throne in the audience room at Kechara House 1

The group then made their way to KP SS2. Su Ming explained how Kechara House (KH) began from that outlet, in the days when the KH building had not yet manifested. She recounted the memories of the many Dharma teachings Rinpoche used to give in KP SS2 back then.

The tour concluded at KH1 where the newcomers made khata offerings at Rinpoche’s throne in the audience room. It was an auspicious conclusion as the offering of a khata to a Lama’s throne creates direct causes to meet and receive teachings from him.

Newcomers took the opportunity to create the causes to receive Dharma from Rinpoche in the future

If you’d like to join a future Kechara Care Mini Tour, click HERE for more information. Alternatively, you can contact Kechara Care’s Administrator May Ong at or +6012 388 8589.

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