Smashing Saturday success!

1 August 2010 - 6:42am Comments Off

What were YOU doing last Saturday night? Well, anyone who is anyone was at Kechara Care on the first day of operations! Sipping cappuccinos, lattes and non-alcoholic Monin mocktails (the green apple one was particularly popular!), adults danced and sang the night away as children made use of the wifi to play online games…at Kechara Care, there’s something for everyone!

Scroll down to check out photos from the amazing opening night! Want to be seen here? Well then, get signed up as a Kechara member (or make friends with one!) because this chill-out space is for Kechara members and friends only…so there ain’t no other way you’re gettin’ in!

Those who saw Kechara Care for the first time weren't disappointed!

DJ (Peter) Hoh was on the decks all night, spinning tune after tune

Oh-so multi-talented, DJ Hoh (centre) later took to the stage in a reprisal of the Wannabe Girls' performance! (

Elsewhere, non-alcoholic drink maestros cook up a storm... that the thirsty could find water and delicious drinks!

Of course, Head of Department Chuah Su Ming (right) was there on opening night with her volunteers, including Ethan Chu (left)

The smiles tell the whole was a fabulous night!

Friends have a laugh on our multi-lit, multi-coloured, multi-mirrored stage!

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