Kuantan parties in KL

8 August 2010 - 8:33pm Comments Off

It’s no secret – our study group from Kuantan are very dedicated and enthusiastic, and they brought this enthusiasm with them when they paid a visit to Kechara Care this weekend. Ten adults and children had a fun night full of singing, belting out hit after hit, and also took a particular shine to our poles on our podium.

The children grabbed every opportunity they had to give our poles a whirl, but faced stiff competition from the adults who wanted their chance too! At the end of the night, the children were also given toys, blessed gifts from His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche…so even though they were facing a three-hour drive back home, after a night at Kechara Care, everyone left with a smile on their faces!

We can just sing, sing, SING all night!

The men weren't about to let the women monopolise the mics!

You've got a frieeeeeeend in me...

Look ma! I can climb!

Hunger is no barrier for Kechara Soup Kitchen? Well, age is no barrier for Kechara Care and our poles!

This group sure are an adventurous lot!

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