Finding Your Feet in Kechara

1 October 2009 - 12:22am Comments Off

Following from last month’s Introduction to Buddhism course, Kechara House (KH) held its first orientation program last Friday, 25th September at KH2 as part of an on-going drive to introduce and connect new people to the Kechara organization.

The MCs - Dino Goh and Margaret Lee

After the welcoming speech by the MCs Margaret Lee and Dino Goh, the 80 guests were entertained with a video clip of The Dharma Princess Diaries starring Jamie Khoo, Senior Editor and Liaison of Kechara Media & Publications.   This reality show follows the life of a rich, modern, hip and progressive girl who combines Dharma practice with shopping, working, playing, partying and just being herself.  She shows that spiritual life is not just confined to temples and robes and that one can be modern and contemporary and yet spiritual.

It's a full house!

The highlight of the night followed -  an exclusive talk show interview with the stars of Dharma Princess Diaries! JP Thong, Head Liaison of Tsem Ladrang, Shin Tan from the e-Division and Jamie Khoo, Liaison of KMP were interviewed at length by the MCs Margaret and Dino. The guest speakers shared their personal experiences of how they got to know Kechara and what made them decide to join and work full time for Dharma.

Enjoying the show

After the talk, the guests were treated to a preview screening of “Making A Difference” -  a series of  interviews with the monks of Gaden Monastery, who shared their thoughts and experiences with H.E. Tsem Rinpoche, the Spritual Guide and Founder of the Kechara Buddhist Organisation.

Next up - an ice-breaking game followed by the talk show

The last event of the night was a special lucky draw -  congratulations to those who brought home a prize! For most of the guests, it was a meaningful evening of fun, learning and interaction.

The next program for newbie orientation will be the KL Pilgrimage Tour of Kechara Departments.  For more information on this program, please contact Head of Kechara Care, Margaret Lee at +6012 292 5757 or

The lucky draw was a crowd favourite!

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