Exploring Malaysia’s Culture…Via the Himalayas!

27 May 2010 - 6:28pm Comments Off

In Malaysia’s multi-cultural society, it is no surprise that with so many groups living side-by-side in peace and harmony, that there are still more groups interested in delving into the rich culture of Malaysia to see what makes us tick.

One such group is the Malaysian Cultural Group, a non-profit society that organises activities aimed at deepening people’s appreciation of Malaysia and Malaysians. On this basis, a group of sixteen expatriates recently embarked on an exciting visit to Kechara House, led by Ms. Dawn Bush and Lucy Tulley.

They were presented with a talk by Jamie Khoo, which included an Introduction of Dharma segment as well as an overview of the various programmes administered by Kechara House. After a fascinating insight into the symbolism behind the various gestures of Buddhist iconography, there was time set aside for plenty of questions at the end.

The visitors were also able to try their hands at preparing a statue. Over at the Kechara Saraswati Arts (KSA) table, they were shown the different processes of preparing a statue, before being taught how to roll mantras to be inserted into statues. The interesting practice led to a number of questions on mantras and their meanings, where the “rolled” mantras were placed and what the significance of this was.

Liaison Chuah Su Ming, Head of Kechara Care, speaks to some of the visitors

Having worked up quite an appetite, the group were served lunch by Kechara Oasis staff who had set up over at the Dzambala chapel. Loving the vegetarian food and impressed by the concept of the restaurant in general, there were many promises of return visits in the future.

At the end of their visit, everyone expressed their enjoyment and gratitude to Liaison Chuah Su Ming and Kechara House for organising their visit and providing them with insightful information about the Dharma and its practices, leaving with their minds almost as full as their stomachs!

Liaison Jamie Khoo gave a brief introduction to Buddhism

Lili Ng and Thierry Janssen's gift of the illustrated Lamrim attracted a lot of attention

Pat Ng (pink), who heads the Sewing Division of KSA, explains the finer details of painting Lama Tsongkhapa's face

Becky Yap (Administrator, KSA) explains the process of painting a statue

The ladies try their hands at mantra-rolling

Nicholas Yu of Kechara Care explains Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) to a visitor

Tan Gim Lee, Puja Education Coordinator (Kechara Education), explains some of KH's prayers

A delicious vegetarian lunch was provided by Kechara Oasis

During and after lunch, the group took the opportunity to take photos all over KH2

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