A Little Bit of Kechara Wherever You Go!

7 October 2009 - 10:07pm Comments Off

Carry a little bit of Kechara with you wherever you go! Whether it’s to a café, to the library, to the gym or to the shower (!), we’re never without our laptops and phones nowadays…so in true Kechara style, we’ve come up with an innovative way of using technology to spread the holy Dharma!

Download FREE funky wallpaper and make your laptop and phone look good, whilst promoting Buddha’s wisdom!

And why download just one? Download a different wallpaper everyday! Change them as you change your moods or as you change your outfits! Some wallpapers are poignant, some are beautiful; some are funny and still others share holy words…the point is there’s something for everyone!

So share them with your friends who are sure to want a little piece of this action…then quickly download a new wallpaper so you don’t have the same one as them!

Yep, that’s right – yet again, Kechara is finding new, relevant ways to introduce ancient Buddhist to today’s e-crowd!

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