Securing Ng’s future

11 October 2010 - 5:11pm 2 Comments

Ng with his new colleague

The poor economy has been hard on many people, and Ng Lian Hoi is no exception. For 10 years, Ng worked as a kitchen helper until the restaurant closed down due to poor business. Unable to make ends meet, he became homeless soon after that. He would sometimes take shelter in a snooker centre where his friend was employed, but it did not provide a permanent solution to his homelessness. Ng began to look for a new job but 57 years old and facing stiff competition from younger foreign workers, Ng was told he was told that he was too old.

After Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK) began operating from our new premises, Ng became one of our first regular clients after hearing about the place from our midnight round volunteers. It was in the Soup Kitchen that Ng approached our Project Director Justin Cheah for assistance in job placement. Ng told Justin that he had previously worked in cafes and in chicken rice restaurants. When he was younger, he had also worked as a general worker in a mosaic company.

Realising that age was not in Ng’s side, Justin recommended him to Counterforce Security who have been looking for suitable people to fill roles such as security officers. An interview was arranged between Ng and Mr Wong (Director of Counterforce Security) in our soup kitchen. After a series of questions, Ng was hired and immediately given an orientation of his duties.

Ng being interviewed

Ng was very glad to have successfully passed the interview. Along with his employment, Ng will also be provided with a room in a hostel on Petaling Jaya, as well as transport for him to travel to work. He will also receive a daily allowance to help him with his living expenses for the next month until his first pay day. As he tried on his uniform, the joy on his face was evident – Ng expressed his gratitude towards KSK and Counterforce for helping him to get off the streets. Somewhere in Kuala Lumpur, Ng is now happily on his duty at one of the security posts…

2 Responses to Securing Ng’s future

  1. Another Chance/ A Break / An Opportunity is sometimes just what we need… This is a great example, a good story to share… and very kind of Counterforce Security to see the potential in Mr. Ng and beyond.

    How many of us can truly see the bigger picture?

    Mr. Ng looks really smart in his new uniform and I am happy for him. It is admirable that he did not give up but to try again and again plus took the initiative to approach KSK for help.

    I am sure he will play his part well, work hard and contribute to his team and society.

  2. thats very nice of ksk
    its not everybody will give ppl another type of chance
    i’m happy to know theres such a good community helping ppl out there. no worries will try my best to help if i can
    theres still hope for msian
    have a fruitful day!!!!!!!