A New Life for Shaipol

1 June 2010 - 10:15am 1 Comment

Shaipol when we first met him

We meet Shaipol during our Saturday midnight food distribution rounds in KL Sentral. We were about to leave the area when the 35-year old approached our volunteers for food after a tip-off from a homeless man nearby. Shaipol has been in KL for almost a week now, having come from Johor to look for a job.

It was not for want of trying that Shaipol has not been able to secure any employment – in the last week, he has walked all over the city looking for job opportunities, but to no avail. With no other options, he was forced to sell off his mobile phone at a fraction of the original price. Fully aware of the danger of sleeping on the streets at night, Shaipol hides himself in isolated places to sleep, sometimes staying awake through the night and sleeping in the day.

Kechara Soup Kitchen’s (KSK) Project Director Justin Cheah made an appointment to meet Shaipol at the exact spot where they first met, to bring him for an interview at Hotel Armada. Why Hotel Armada? Because their kind Human Resources Manager, Mr Leslie, previously contacted Justin to ask him to look out for homeless clients the hotel could employ.

Shaipol during his interview

After an interview, Shaipol was accepted to work in Hotel Armada as a maintenance officer. He will repair and maintain faulty electrical fittings and equipment in the hotel. Mr Leslie also promised Shaipol that his homeless background will be kept confidential. The following Friday, Shaipol reported duty with a starting monthly pay of RM1,000 with accommodation.

Shaipol about to get a second start at his life!

No doubt Shaipol is very happy to have come off the streets so quickly, having learnt that some of the homeless people he befriended had been living there for many years. He thanked KSK and Mr Leslie for their help in simultaneously giving him a job and a home which ultimately solved his problem. According to him, his next mission will be to get a new mobile phone right after his payday!

For Mr Leslie who was glad to help Shaipol get off the streets, KSK thanks him for acting on his strong belief that everyone deserves another chance at rebuilding their life!

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