A new home for Uncle Chia and Uncle Liow

29 September 2013 - 2:40am Comments Off

Another two uncles are safely off the streets! Uncle Chia and Uncle Liow became official residents of the Charis Sheep Pen Shelter last week. Both uncles visit Kechara Soup Kitchen at Jalan Imbi to receive food daily and recently voiced out their plight to Justin. After a few follow up assessments, they were recommended to the Charis Sheep Pen Shelter (SCPS), a welfare home in Pudu Market.

An interview session with the administrative officer of CSPS, Kah Ming, was arranged last Wednesday and we were very glad that both Uncle Chia and Uncle Liow were accepted as permanent residents there. They, along with 26 other residents, are free to go leave the shelter from 6.30am to 10.30pm daily.

This was very good news for Uncle Chia as he had nowhere else to go. We met him during one of our Saturday night food distribution rounds in Chow Kit. His initial plan was to look for a job but due to his age and cataract problems, he was persuaded to stay in a shelter instead. He will have his cataract removed come December in Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

As for Uncle Liow (right), the help came just in time for him. Uncle Liow is on the verge of becoming homeless after not being able to pay his rent for the past couple of months. 67-year-old Uncle Liow was very worried and could not imagine himself sleeping on the streets. He had nobody else to turn to as he already lost contact with his two other sisters believed to be still in Singapore.

Both Uncle Chia and Uncle Liow are two of the many urban poor clients Kechara has been helping from our Soup Kitchen in Imbi.

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