A comfortable bed for Uncle Jami

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It is an unfortunate part of our work that we are always finding new clients who need our help. During recent midnight rounds, we met Jami Har Singh at the Pekeliling Monorail station. 64 years old and homeless for the last two years, Uncle Jami told us he had left home after a big argument with his family.

Uncle Jami when we found him

In his good English, the former theatre manager and personal driver explained that he currently suffers from some medical problems. In particular, Uncle Jami has a swollen knee injury that he sustained after accidentally falling into a manhole a few months ago. He now relies on crutches to get around.

Uncle Jami's swollen knee

Uncle Jami's relies upon his crutches for mobility

Consoling Uncle Jami, we made the suggestion that he register for admission in a shelter home. He readily agreed to this, so we made an appointment to meet with him on Thursday when we gave him some new clothing, soap and a towel so he could have a shower in a nearby toilet.

Mr Raj (in yellow) and Mr Tan (in brown) interview Uncle Jami

We then drove him to Ti-Ratana welfare home, where he was admitted immediately. Speaking to us after his admission, Uncle Jami said that he was very thankful to Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK) for having found him a comfortable place to stay, or he would still be struggling on the streets. When asked what he looked forward to, he said he could not wait to sleep on a comfortable bed again!

Well, a comfortable bed he shall have tonight! KSK wishes Uncle Jami all the best, and we would also like to thank both Mr Tan and Mr Raj of Ti-Ratana for their help in admitting Uncle Jami into the home!

Mr Raj of Ti-Ratana introducing Uncle Jami to some of the other residents

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