Stan Collymore, ex-Liverpool and England International, appeared at KSK’s booth at 1Utama on Saturday, 5 April.

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A surprise awaited shoppers at 1Utama shopping centre today as the legendary footballer, Stan Collymore, dropped by the KSK booth at 1Utama!

The ex-Liverpool and England International, “Stan-the-Man” Collymore is a household name for many, and after retirement from football due to a leg injury, he has contributed to a biography and even acted as the character of Kevin Franks in the film Basic Instinct 2 alongside Sharon Stone. He is now a sports commentator for BBC, ESPN and Star Sport.

Bob Teasdale, an advisor to the KSK committee and the project lead for the Soup Kitchen’s nurture centre, had invited Stan-the-man to KSK’s booth at 1Utama to show support for KSK’s mission to provide food to the homeless.

The 6 foot 3 1/2 inch tall man strolled easily into 1Utama in a white t-shirt, with Kechara Soup Kitchen’s logo proudly embroidered on its collar. Immediately a crowd gathered and young football fans queued up for autographs. Impervious to flashbulbs going off, he patiently posed for photos and signed autographs for his fans.

Stan shared that he had become interested in Buddhism and had even attended a Buddhist retreat in Birmingham, UK. He also asked the difference between Theravadan and Tibetan Buddhism and found it interesting. As we chatted, another surprise hit the lucky visitors in 1Utama.

H.E. Tsem Rinpoche, the inspiration behind the Soup Kitchen, came to express his thanks to Stan for taking time out of his busy schedule to support KSK. They talked awhile, with Rinpoche relating how he experienced homelessness and hunger in his teenage years, which was how he has been inspired ever since to make sure no one goes hungry.

Rinpoche explained briefly about Gaden and Lama Tsongkhapa when showing Stan the DVD, “Journey to Gaden”. Rinpoche then gave Stan a copy of “If not now, when?”, the latest coffee table book by Kechara Media and Publications. Stan promptly asked Rinpoche if he could autograph the coffee table book, which Rinpoche gladly did. To top it all off, Rinpoche then offered Stan a Shakyamuni pendant which Rinpoche himself was wearing. Stan was visibly moved and touched by the gift and smiled happily as more photos were snapped.

After Rinpoche left, Stan also had to rush off to his next appointment, but before he left, he said, “He’s amazing. What an amazing guy. He has this presence. Not what I expected at all. I felt that it was a real privilege to meet him. I don’t make promises, I can’t keep. If there’s anything I can do to help, I’ll do it.”

Stan was definitely left moved and impressed. Which isn’t an easy feat when you’ve met as many celebrities as he has. KSK is very grateful to Bob Teasdale for introducing Stan to KSK and to Stan for supporting this worthy cause. For someone of his calibre to come to visit our stand shows much of the man, and his kindness and effort was well rewarded by the rare opportunity to connect with H.E. Tsem Rinpoche.

What an amazing day at 1U!

Tsem Rinpoche autographing the book for Stan

Stan Collymore and Tsem Rinpoche

Stan's message to KSK!

And a personal message to Tsem Rinpoche


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