Red-y to give thanks

30 June 2010 - 5:24pm 1 Comment

As a non-governmental organisation, Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK) is reliant on public support to continue our work with the homeless and urban poor. Each week, we now distribute over 850+ packets of food.

We are also expanding to a permanent soup kitchen building just off Jalan Imbi. All of this would not be possible without the generous contributions, both from private individuals and from corporations such as Everest Point who recently sponsored a full-page newspaper advertisement for KSK.

In recognition of their contribution, our President Ruby Khong was recently invited to do a short infomercial on Malaysia’s Red FM which you can watch here!

Join us in the fight against homelessness! For more information on KSK and to find out how you can volunteer your time, or donate in money and kind, please contact our Project Director Chua Siong Woan at or +6010 333 3260. With our new building and our ongoing regular activities, KSK’s financial resources are being stretched tight…we need all the help we can get, whether it’s with job offers, our wish list, or with donations of money, food or your time! Employment opportunities are also welcome, as most of our clients are willing and able to work…they just need YOU to give them a chance.

One Response to Red-y to give thanks

  1. Without charity, God’s work is doomed. Times are bad, so how?

    Ok, ok, some very smart ministers told us to ‘tighten our belts and work harder ‘ AGAIN !! 12 hours a day not enough ar. Anymore and we’ll be dead and waiting for rebirth to do the same thing all over again. But…but..wait. The seed of charity lives in all of us even at the most demanding of times. And so we went.. to appeal to the goodness in homo-sapiens ( I just like to use the word ‘homo’ in Malaysia instead of sentient-beings) to get some kind souls to donate food to the Kechara Soup Kitchen. Here is one encounter with a donor.

    “…so you work in the restaurant kitchen and you have to prepare live fishes for the steamer cos customers want fresh seafood huh. I know you’ve got no choice, but would you like to take comfort in the fact that slaughtering those fishes swimming in the aquarium creates karma but if could start by donating food to homeless people from the salary you receive from this job, it will lessen the intensity of the karma..”

    Someone have to do the slaughtering of livestock and animals for human consumption. If we realize the fact that animals too do not want to die, but have to so that we can live, we should really start doing something to benefit others who need to survive- the homeless.

    The way we went about it might be less than refine, but our intention towards the donors and the repicients were honorable lah. Hey, it is !