Off the street – Ganapati and Shila with their son Jonathan

21 September 2013 - 5:53am Comments Off

Kechara’s Soup Kitchen came across this homeless family in the Bangkok Bank area 3 weeks ago. With the help of our friend Mia and Siti of Rumah Safiyyah, we found a welfare home who accepted this homeless family into St Jude’s Home in Shah Alam.

According to Ganapati, he left his hometown in Mentakab together with Shila and Jonathan due to disagreements on several matters with his family members.

They were robbed off all their belongings while they were still adjusting to their new life in Kuala Lumpur. Ganapati was struggling to find proper employment as he has to take care of his pregnant wife and hyperactive 3 year old son. He would make nominal income by working various odd jobs around the Petaling Street area in order to make ends meet. Ganapati would rent budget hotel rooms whenever he could afford to shelter his wife Shila and son Jonathan.

Our team leader Tek Lee highlighted Ganapati’s plight and efforts were being made to help this family by Justin Cheah. He went to look for Ganapati and Shila as soon as he found a home for them but it was not until yesterday night that he managed to find them again. Homeless people are of a wandering nature. Ganapati told Justin Cheah that he rented a room nearby for a couple of days.

It was already midnight by the time Ganapati and Shila were sent to St Jude’s Home in Shah Alam by Justin Cheah. Mr Ravie, the owner kindly accepted the family and will be helping the family with shelter, food and their medical needs. Mr Ravie will also be recommending jobs to Ganapati to work so that eventually he will be able to support his family and get their own home.

We wish Ganapati and his family well and many thanks to Justin Cheah for saving this family from the streets. Below are some photos.

Justin explaining to our homeless clients re the welfare home that he was bringing them to.

Cik Mia (2nd right) and Cik Siti (far right) from Rumah Safiyyah were with Justin to see Ganapati and Shila last Monday.

Mr Ravie (far right) kindly waited for Ganapati and Shila even thought it wis already midnight. Mr Ravie seen is here briefing Ganapati and Shila on the rules and regulations that they need to adhere to while staying in St Jude's Home.

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