Johor Food Distribution Report: 21 September 2013

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Sponsors of the week

  1. Tan Sen Ni (50 packets of vegetarian cook food)
  2. Mutu and Raj (biscuits and cream cakes)
  3. Eric Lee, Casteven Lim and June Tang (20 packets of vegetarian food)
  4. Alan Chan (one carton of oranges)
  5. Saibaba Group (60 pieces of buns)
  6. Glam Hair Salon (72 bottles of mineral water)

Highlights of the Week


21 September

Route: Dataran Bandaraya and Larkin Bus Terminal

Team: Alan Chan, Kenyu, Lee, Bobo, Jackson and Kenzo  
Total food packs distributed: 26

Team report: There were seven of our clients sleeping in Dataran Bandaraya this week. The team distributed another 19 food packets at the Larkin Bus Terminal. In Larkin, the normally unfriendly elderly client who has previously always refused the food offered to him was in a happier mood this week. He collected a portion from Alan’s team. There were no untoward incidents and distribution finished at 12.40am.

Route: CIQ Sentral area and Taman Sri Tebrau

Team: Mutu, Raj, Shiau Lin, Bee Hoi, Mageswary and Sarah  
Total food packs distributed: 30

Team report: Mutu’s team distributed in the CIQ area and finished off in Taman Sri Tebrau. There were some homeless clients spotted sleeping along an overhead bridge while a few others were seen further down at the underbridge near CIQ. Only one client was found in Taman Sri Tebrau. According to the client, he and another person (who he doesn’t really know) sleep at the area. The person usually returns to the area very late.

Route: Hospital Tun Aminah, Jalan Trus and Jalan Wong Ah Fook area

Team: Justin Cheah, Jini, Suresh, Dr. Lye and Jolyn Ngo  
Total food packs distributed: 14

Team report: Justin and his team started their route by heading directly to the hospital but they did not managed to locate any of our regular clients as the lights were still turned on along the corridor where our clients usually sleep. In Jalan Trus, the team met with the seemingly disturbed Indian lady again. She woke up minutes after we placed the food next to her. She yelled and pushed away the food but did not harm the volunteers. The team also directed a Sarawakian client to Anjung Singgah Johor Bahru to seek further assistance. Shiau Lin and Mageswary also joined the team to continue to distribute in Wong Ah Fook area after the duo were done in CIQ.

Total food packs distributed by the Johor Bahru team: 70

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