Food Distribution 8th – 9th May 2010

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A volunteer in action

We distributed 830 packs of food to the homeless and urban poor in Kuala Lumpur. 382 packs were handed out during the evening round and 448 packs in midnight rounds.

Kind Sponsors

  • Silver Bird
  • Sykt Roti Jaya Bread Shop
  • Monica
  • Datuk KC Loh
  • Alice Ng
  • Mr Lee
  • Richard & Ms Leong
  • Berkeley Corner Restaurant
  • Umai-ya Restaurant
  • Siong Woan & family
  • Datin Yip & friends
  • Jessi & family



Saturday 8th May 2010 @ 2130 hrs

35 volunteers distributed 448 packets of food tonight.

Due to recent raids by enforcement officers, most of our clients were not at their usual spots and were sleeping in less open areas. The owner of S&M has barricaded the area around the shop, and is keeping it lit through the night. As a result, there were fewer clients in the area this week.

We found a man sleeping in a dark alley in an already torn-down hut. He did not make any effort to acknowledge the packet of food placed beside him although he was awake. We came across an injured Indian man in the Pudu Market area. He was given assistance and an ambulance was summoned to take him to hospital. Muraly’s story can be found in the SOS section of our website.

Muraly when we found him

Food distribution went smoothly without any untoward incidents and ended at about 1am.


Evening Rounds

Sunday 9th May 2010 @ 1630 hrs

23 volunteers distributed 382 packets of food this evening.

In Greenhouse, a man approached us asking for help to buy a bus ticket back to Ipoh due to an emergency.



In Brickfields, most of our clients were very happy to see us. With help from another soup kitchen, Siti Fatimah has been going to the hospital for checks. In addition, one of the nearby clinics has also been providing her with free medical assistance.

Another couple, Murugan and Saraswathy in Sungei Way, have managed to find employment after receiving food from us for the past year. They thanked KSK for the help we provided during the hard times when they were unemployed and nearly homeless.

Distribution of food went smoothly and without any untoward incidents.

We finished our rounds at about 7:30pm.

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