Food Distribution 7th – 8th August 2010

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Volunteer Bryan gets to know Batu Malai

We distributed 832 packs of food to the homeless and urban poor in Kuala Lumpur of which 381 packs were given in the evening round and 451 packs in the midnight round.

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Midnight Rounds

Saturday 7th August 2010 @ 2130 hrs

30 volunteers distributed 451 packets of food tonight. Sandra, Yang, Yen Ping, Louise, Yvonne, Cassy, Eric Choong and his relatives helped to pack the food but were unable to join the rounds.

As a result of the authorities raiding the areas frequented by the homeless, we found that they had moved on to an area under a bridge. This area is unlit and for the moment unknown to the authorities. We also discovered five homeless clients sleeping near a fountain in a garden – they said they had been there for two years.

Our volunteers in action in Brickfields

In the Bangkok Bank area, we met Huzaini, 23, a handicapped man. It turned out that he had run away from home the previous day after an argument with his aunt. His parents had died in an accident in England six years ago and he had been staying with his aunt ever since. He was very nervous when we saw him and told us that he was very scared. We advised him to return to his aunt as it was unsafe on the streets but he rejected the idea. He preferred life on the streets than with his aunt. Huzaini, who has a good command of English, is looking for a job but has no working experience.

In Chow Kit, we met Sheila who had a head injury as a result of robbery whilst asleep. She was robbed of her MyKad. She was very distressed as she related her story and felt that she had nowhere safe to go.

There were packets of food left as the regulars were not at their usual places. However these were given out to those that needed extra. The food distribution went smoothly and ended at about 1am without any untoward incidents.

Evening Rounds

Sunday 8th August 2010 @ 1630

21 volunteers distributed 381 packets of food this evening.

A client enjoys his durian

In Old Klang Road, one of our clients was having a durian in front of his makeshift home under a staircase. He smiled at us and refused our cooked food when he saw us. He told us that he got the durian from the money he earned from selling cardboard.

Volunteer Mr Lim offers food to Batu Malai

In PJ Old Town, we met an elderly Indian man called Batu Malai. He was sitting at the bus stop and seemed to be in a state of confusion. He claimed he had been sleeping in the area for eight months. After a brief conversation, we discovered he had lost his MyKad. However, he was unable to recall his MyKad number and kept rambling on about getting his MyKad back. Batu Malai has lost touch with his children and has no knowledge of their whereabouts.

Food distribution went smoothly without any untoward incidents.

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