Food Distribution 6th – 12th December 2010

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We distributed 1,394 packs of food to the homeless and urban poor in Kuala Lumpur, of which 715 packs were distributed from the Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK) building during the week, 65 packs on the evening round and 614 packs during the midnight rounds.

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Distribution from our Soup Kitchen

Monday 6th – Friday 10th December 2010 @ 1100 to 1300 hrs

A total of 715 packets of food were distributed from our soup kitchen this week. On the first three days of the week, we had 130 clients coming each day. By the end of the week, we had 160 clients on Thursday and on Friday. Some of our regular clients were absent and according to other clients who came, they had been arrested by the local authorities for sleeping on the streets.

We still see new faces everyday, and most of them are from the urban poor category. When interviewed, one of our new clients revealed that he is already in his mid-70s and lives with his friends. He receives social welfare and walks around the Imbi area looking for recyclables to sell. He has children but finds it difficult to stay with them, and claimed that he does not want to burden them because they are not doing well themselves.

Midnight Rounds

Saturday 11th December 2010 @ 2130 hrs

59 volunteers distributed 614 packets of food to our clients tonight.

In nearby Imbi, one of our regular clients was in a different mood tonight. Upon receiving his food, he serenaded us with a Chinese song. On most days, he remains quiet and nods his head.

Moving on to our next spot under a highway, all of our regular clients were absent. We left some food there for them as they have always been reliable and shown up to receive their food. Our volunteers unanimously agreed that there might have been an enforcement raid by the local authorities. We drove up to a shopping complex where we met another two of our clients, Ah Tan and Ah Ming. Stopping to chat with them, they confirmed our earlier assumption, saying that the night before, authorities had left with three truckloads full of our clients, whom they picked up from various places in the city.

We also learned that Ah Ming used to work in a five-star hotel in Johor Bahru and Alor Star until he lost his job and came to KL. Facing stiff competition from foreign workers, he failed to land a job. Refusing to return to Alor Star, Ah Ming has been stranded on the streets until today. He very much appreciates what KSK does for him and said he will never forget the kindness he has received. He insisted that when he receives money, he will repay this kindness. What a nice thought!

Find it difficult to locate clients, and slowed down by the heavy traffic, our volunteers parked along Bukit Bintang, and walked down the street from Pavilion all the way down to Federal Hotel. It was a bustling night on the streets, with many people soaking up the Saturday night life – despite the crowd, our volunteers were able to locate a few people who were in dire need of food.

Food distribution went smoothly and ended around 1am without any untoward incidents.

Evening Rounds

Sunday 12th December 2010 @ 1700 hrs

Eight volunteers distributed 65 packets of food this evening.

From other clients, our volunteers learned that Charlie, who has been missing for several weeks now, was taken away by the authorities for sleeping on the streets.

We were shocked to see Ah Loong eating food he found inside a rubbish skip. He immediately ate the packet of cooked food we gave him and requested for an extra packet which we obliged. Ah Loong mentioned that he applied for his MyKad five years ago but never collected it, and would like to reapply for his card.

Another client, Lee told our volunteers that his identity card was stolen recently, this being the fifth time it has been stolen or he has lost it. We will arrange an appointment to make a replacement for him.

Food distribution went smoothly and ended around 7pm without any untoward incidents.

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