Food Distribution 26th – 27th June 2010

28 June 2010 - 4:39am 1 Comment

We distributed 873 packs of food to the homeless and urban poor in Kuala Lumpur of which 377 packs were given out in the evening round and 496 packs in midnight rounds.

Kind Sponsors

  • Silver Bird
  • Sykt Roti Jaya Bread Shop
  • Datuk KC Loh
  • Alice Ng
  • Mr Lee
  • Richard & Ms Leong
  • Berkeley Corner Restaurant
  • Umai-ya Restaurant
  • Elize & Johnny
  • Nicholas Cheong
  • Boathouse Restaurant
  • Tracey Yap
  • Dr Gunalan Palari

Midnight Rounds

Saturday 26th June 2010 @ 2130 hrs

35 volunteers distributed 496 packets of food tonight.

In Chow Kit, we received good news as soon as we reached the first distribution point. Zul, one of our regulars, is no longer sleeping on the streets. He has got himself a job as a bus conductor. Zul, who has been missing for some time, returned one night to visit his friends to tell them the good news. He asked them to let us know of the good news as well.

We noticed most of our clients from Dayabumi have moved on to the Masjid Jamek area. We found one of them, Mr Chandran, sleeping in the walkway outside a shop in Jalan Melaka. According to Chandran, he moved because he had been harassed by newcomers. Until he moved, the 50-year old gentleman had slept at his usual spot for three years.

At Masjid India, one of our clients was in a very good mood. He thanked us for sending him food despite the late hours and gave us some ‘keropok lekur’ as a token of his appreciation. The uncle told us that he was very happy because he struck the lottery.

Food distribution went smoothly and ended at about 1.00am.

Evening Rounds

Sunday 27th June 2010 @ 1630 hrs

27 volunteers distributed 377 packets of food this evening.

Food distribution was smooth in Petaling Street and Pudu Market.

Our regular client in Seapark area declined when we offered him some new clothes, smiling as he waved us away.

Whilst distributing in Petaling Jaya, we came across the client we believe to be foreign. He was vomiting in one of the corridors of a shop. We went over to check if he needed any medical attention. He told us he was alright in Malay and did not want any help. We left after giving him a packet of food.

In Pudu Market, a client approached us asking for some soap. He said that because he has not been able to shower for many weeks already, his body is very itchy and is beginning to develop rashes. We gave him some soap as well as medication to apply to his skin. Our client’s experience reinforces the great need for renovations of our permanent soup kitchen building to be completed as soon as possible, and for continued support from our kind sponsors.

Food distribution went smoothly without any untoward incidents and ended at about 7pm.

One Response to Food Distribution 26th – 27th June 2010

  1. Just a suggestion for ‘midnight rounders’ on Saturday. It would be great if the various team leaders could have a First-Aid box in their vehicle to attend to minor ailments we encounter during the food distribution. Most are minor problems like stomach upsets, headaches, or unbandaged cuts and wounds.

    These are things that do not require medical expertise which we can attend to if we have a kit. Anyway, I have already set up a small box with the basic ointments, diarrhea pills, antibiotic cream, bandages and what not just in case. It solve the need to call up Justin everytime there is a small problem because he too will have to fix those people in his route at the same time.