Food Distribution 15th – 16th May 2010

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We distributed 853 packs of food to the homeless and urban poor in Kuala Lumpur of which 375 packs were given out in the evening round and 478 packs in midnight rounds.


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Midnight Rounds

Saturday 15th May 2010 @ 2130 hrs

55 volunteers distributed 478 packets of food tonight.

Bryan, Ethan, Yew Seng, Shirley and Madam Chong helped in packing but did not join the rounds.

In Petaling Street, there were many new faces at the open-air car park in Cahaya Suria waiting to receive food from us. Many were unemployed youngsters who claimed that they slept in Puduraya before its closure for renovation; since then they have been forced to sleep outside in the open area.

There were approximately 20 homeless people sleeping at KL Sentral. We managed to talk to a few of them, and they claimed that they have been sleeping there for quite a while now.

In Chow Kit, our regular client Alice was suffering from a headache when we meet her. She said she had taken some painkillers which she picked up from the streets, packed inside a labelled medical pack. We advised her not to take it anymore and gave her some plasters and Panadol instead.

In Masjid India, we came across Subramaniam who hails from Johor and is looking for a job as a security officer. Like so many others, Subramaniam came to Kuala Lumpur lured by a friend who made false promises of greener pastures. Upon arriving in the capital city, he learned that the job he had been promised was a scam, and his friend cheated him of his money. He was left with only a backpack after he lost all of belongings when he took to sleeping on the streets. Our volunteers gave him a packet of food and asked him to eat whilst they continued to distribute to the rest of our clients. After distribution was over however, our volunteers realised Subramaniam had already left; we will continue to look out for him on future rounds, to find out how we can further help him.

Food distribution went smoothly and ended at about 1am.


Evening Rounds

Sunday 16th May 2010 @ 1630 hrs

32 volunteers distributed 375 packets of food this evening.

Anila, Madam Han Nee, Ethan and Bryan came to help in packing but did not join the food distribution rounds.

It was a hot day and we arrived early at our distribution points in Greenhouse, Pudu Market and Petaling Street. We started distributing food as soon as we arrived and our clients were very happy because they did not have to wait too long in the queue. We learnt that some of our clients are not feeling very well due to the dry weather.

The playground that has been turned into a home

In Petaling Jaya, a member of the public called our attention to a homeless man sleeping in a neighbourhood playground in nearby SS2. According to the lady who refused to be identified, the man has been staying there for the last six months. Although she provided an accurate description of him, he could not be found when we arrived at the playground. Instead, his clothes were scattered all over the place. We left a packet of food for him and will visit the place again to introduce ourselves to him.

Guna's ulcer

Guna being treated by the doctor

We also met Guna, our regular from SS2, and were shocked to find him with a big ulcer on his right leg. He told us that he suffered this injury about three days ago. A motorcyclist had offered him a ride when he was walking to Seapark, and he accidentally placed his leg against the exhaust pipe when alighting. We cleaned his ulcer with antiseptic and later brought him to the nearest clinic to have it treated. The doctor diagnosed the injury as serious, saying it would require daily dressing to have it cured completely. He advised us to refer Guna to the hospital if the ulcer does not heal up in a week’s time. He also advised Guna to be hygienic.

Food distribution went smoothly and ended at about 7pm.

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