Food Distribution 14th – 15th August 2010

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We distributed 817 packs of food to the homeless and urban poor in Kuala Lumpur of which 372 packs were given out in the evening round and 445 packs in midnight rounds.

Kind Sponsors

  • Silver Bird
  • Sykt Roti Jaya Bread Shop
  • Datuk KC Loh
  • Alice Ng
  • Mr Lee
  • Berkeley Corner Restaurant
  • Umai-ya Restaurant
  • Elize & Johnny
  • Boathouse Restaurant
  • Tracey Yap and April Ong
  • Mrs Chew and Datin Khairiah
  • Yeo Hiap Seng (M) Berhad
  • Wendy Kok & Darren Chong

Midnight Rounds

Saturday 14th August 2010 @ 2130 hrs

61 volunteers distributed 445 packets of food tonight.

Sandra and Yang helped with packing but did not join the rounds.

Our volunteers were caught in the congested streets of Chow Kit and around Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman as shops and kiosks were open late that night. Most of our clients were absent especially in Cahaya Suria. Some clients requested for socks to replace newspapers used to protect their feet from mosquito bites.

We met an injured man who sought our help to replace his lost MyKad. Nasir had come to KL from Teluk Intan to work but unfortunately met with an accident after working for a few months. He was the victim of a hit-and-run which left him with a broken hand. He was fired from his job and became stranded and homeless on the streets. After sending him to the hospital for treatment, Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK) is arranging for some welfare aid while helping him to replace his lost MyKad.

We came across a man who has been an alcoholic for almost 30 years and became homeless for the past six years. He appeared to be suffering from depression and loneliness since losing all his friends, as a result of never repaying his debts to them.

Food distribution went smoothly and ended at about 1am without any untoward incidents.

Evening Rounds

Sunday 15th August 2010 @ 1630 hrs

29 volunteers distributed 372 packets of food this evening.

In Seapark, we gently declined payment from our regular client fondly known as “Artist” who offered us RM3 for the food provided by us. He had lost his voice many years ago and communicates by drawing sketches.

We met a young gentleman who has been homeless for about two months and had everything he owned stolen. He also claimed he had been sexually assaulted by a foreigner after his drink had been spiked. He refused however, to explain why he was homeless.

Food distribution went smoothly without any untoward incidents.

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