Better vision for Uncle Ong

21 September 2013 - 5:36am Comments Off

Doctor explaining his findings to us (far right is Mr Lim, another of our dedicated Sunday Rounds Team Leader)

Recently, Petaling Jaya route Team Leader, Sandra highlighted Uncle Ong’s eye problem in the food distribution report. According to Sandra, Uncle had been complaining about blurry vision in his left eye. When queried, Uncle Ong revealed that his blurry vision deteriorated to an unbearable stage over a period of time. We suspected it could have been caused by an accident he suffered some time last year when he fell off from his bicycle while cycling around to collect recyclables. It was raining and he suffered a knock on his eye in the process.

In view of this, Justin Cheah made an appointment with Mr. Bernard of VISTA Eye Specialist (a strong supporter of our soup kitchen’s cause) to have Uncle Ong’s eyes checked in their clinic located in The Curve. The entire checkup was courtesy of VISTA’s CSR program.

After numerous tests, the doctor diagnosed Uncle Ong’s left eye as “beyond repair” as the eye was no longer reacting to light tests due to numerous complications.

As for Uncle’s right eye, it is still functioning ‘ok’ despite growing cataract problems. Doctor prescribed eye drops to ease the high pressure in Uncle’s corneas to relieve him from pain which doctor foresee will develop in future if not addressed. As for now, doctor recommended Uncle to wear spectacle to improve his vision for the time being until the next check up in three months time.

The good news is, Uncle Ong will be the first recipient of a free pair of spectacles courtesy of the “Vision 6sixty” project initiated by Chua Siong Woan. She and representatives of Hoya Vision Care and Vision Space (renowned companies in the optic industry) are currently working on details and this project is scheduled to kick start very soon.

Uncle Ong undergoing eye tests performed in VISTA's clinic located at the Curve

Doctor performing the torch light test for Uncle Ong

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