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25 June 2010 - 9:21pm Comments Off

From paintings to architecture, religions have been a source of inspiration for the art world. Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting, Virgin of the Rocks, best resembles the Renaissance genre in the Roman Catholicism era. Closer to home, Petronas Twin Towers channel Moorish architectural influence. But in a unique twist of fate, it is the ancient Buddhist art that has always been in vogue.

As TV personality Jojo Struys puts it, “There is something alluring about Buddhist art.” A self-confessed Buddhist art enthusiast, Struys admits that Buddhist art pieces have given her home a contemporary edge.

“There’s something very urban about the seemingly ancient Buddhist art,” says the 35-year-old beauty. Struys credits the striking colour combinations, simple lines and growing global interest in spirituality for the popularity of Buddhist art among urban people like herself. followed Struys to a Tibetan Buddhist art shop Kechara Paradise, where she met author and Buddhist art expert David Lai.

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  1. Thank you so much Kien for sharing this story about impermanence!