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Lord Setrap is the wrathful emanation of Buddha Amitabha. Fierce yet compassionate, Setrap rides swiftly to our rescue on his brown horse, bearing a cudgel and warlike demeanour.

As the Dharma Protector of the 600-year-old Gaden Monastery founded by Lama Tsongkhapa himself, Lord Setrap is known to be extremely effective in clearing our worldly and spiritual obstacles. Setrap’s practice, introduced to Malaysia by His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, will bring success, harmony and peace to all who invoke his blessings.

This Setrap statue can be personalised with a hand-painted face, using real gold dust. H.E. Tsem Rinpoche always encourages the practice of making offerings to the Three Jewels, which creates the causes for us to attain the six paramitas (perfections).

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  1. Is it a must to go thru initiation before one can invite the statue of Lord Setrap home ?

    • Hi Tohsan,

      You do not need to go through initiation to invite Buddha statues home.

      For example, Rinpoche always encourages people to invite home statues of Vajrayogini (a tantric deity). Although we cannot do her practice (because we have not received the initiation), when we invite home a statue, we make a connection with her to create the causes to receive her practice in the future.

      Setrap himself is not a tantric deity. He’s a Dharma Protector who is enlightened, and a wrathful form of Buddha Amitabha. Because he is enlightened, there can only be benefit having his image in our home :)

  2. may i know Setrap’s mantra?